Thursday, 16 January 2014

Result displaying on website:

In the recent years, we could see  that millions of students accessing website for Examination Results in various websites.  The record of successfully providing various important results through the net has proved extremely popular with a wide range of audiences including students, parents, school authorities and even cyber cafĂ© owners.
 In this project the chosen concept is Maintaining student related records such as student  course , exam results related information also be maintained in the system, students’ reports and Web application that handles various academic and non academic activities of  Academic Institute etc.

The system can access by each and every faculty /employees of the institution through internet connected computers or internet enabled mobile devices with the aid of his user name and password.

  • Student  Marks Obtained
  • Maintaining marks information
Project specification:
FrontEnd: Html/css/javascript/Ajax
BackEnd: Database:php/mysql
This project enables us to view the results for number of papers such as theory and practical, how many the subjects may be using database module. It will display the results of each paper and the summation. This website provided with php tool helps the concern to work it in a dynamic way and helps us to save time by updating and deleting the data by the concern itself rather than seeking the help of product provider. It saves us the maintaining charge.

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